THE heartbreaking story of Millie the abandoned border collie has turned into a ‘tail’ with a happy ending.

Shocked RSPCA staff found her cold, wet and petrified tied to a railing outside their offices in Lansdown, Stroud last month.

Now she is settling into her new home after being adopted by Toni Stolarek, 45, and partner Adam Brammer, 23, of Midland Road, Stonehouse.

The pair visited Millie at Teckels Animal Sanctuary in Whitminster every day after reading the story on the front page of the SNJ on February 26.

“When I saw the story I just broke down,” said Toni, who already owns a 12-year-old border collie called Beethoven.

“I have a soft heart when it comes to animals and I messaged Adam straight away and said we have to go and get her.

“She is such a lovable dog and has already brought us so much happiness.”

Stroud District Council animal welfare officers collected Millie after staff at the charity shop found her when they arrived for work on the morning of Tuesday, February 18.

She had scratched off a patch of fur and was straight away treated for a flea allergy at Clockhouse Vets.

With no ID tag and no medical history, staff at Teckels decided to call her Millie.
Toni and Adam, who have been together for a year, say she is now a completely different dog.

“Millie was so nervous and apprehensive but now her tail never stops wagging,” said Toni, who is currently between jobs.

“She has been well trained by her previous owner and loves to play fetch in the park.

“It is just such a shame that anyone could abandon a dog.

“If we had a big house we would adopt more.”

* The South Cotswold branch of the RSPCA has launched a fundraising appeal to build a state-of-the-art dog and cat centre in the district to look after abandoned animals.

Located near Cam, the £2.5 million Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home would occupy a six-acre site and enable the charity to care for around 750 vulnerable animals each year.

Anyone wanting to help make the plans a reality can donate at