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    George Osborne is a genius, this is how a country should be run. I hope we never go back to boom and bust again.
    Despite all the rhetoric the fact Osborne doesnt admit to is that he has borrowed more in four years than Labour did in thirteen, mainly to help all his Eton pals while food banks boom. In a few years time we'll all be talking about the mess the ConDems left us in.
    I would suggest you watch the Panorama special on Food banks from a couple of weeks ago.

    The demand for them isn't being being hungry. Its down to Government and local subsidies that can be gathered. not to mention the majority of the "customers" are immigrants (see Nu Labour) and the remaining are generally handouts not needed

    If you give something away for free people will naturally take advantage
    So you are saying you wouldn't accept anything offered to you? Never look a gift horse in the mouth I say. There have been immigrants since time immemorial, not all have been to our benefit, but a lot have become part of the whole.
    Well I personally circumstances remaining the same wouldn't visit a foodbank but there are plenty that do and don't really need to

    Its about priorities. Having internet, tv, smart phone, fags and beer are not priorities and all these things should only be bought after food , heat and shelter are paid for. Sadly we live in a world where food has taken a backseat and all foodbanks are doing is encouraging this.

    Remember the saying "Put food on the table"?

    I don't dispute we have always had immigrants but before Labour opened the floodgates immigration was on job demand not how much could be claimed for free. I don't blame the immigrants cause after all if you say lived in Romania in a hovel and had a chance to move to England, have a free house, benefits, schooling, healthcare and food...well why not , i certainly would
    "before Labour opened the floodgates?" Nothing to do with EU dictates then.
    What happened to the masses of Romanians and Bulgarians that were supposed to have swarmed in? I can't see any around here? If England is no longer to your liking you could always join many of expats in Spain e.t.c. I wonder who they are sponging off?
    Take a trip down to Forster Square...theres plenty down there most days.

    Like I said before you got all confrontational I dont begrudge any immigrant coming to the UK, as after all why not with whats given to them. And this isnt about EU policies either. Just have a look at the policies in operation in France of indeed Spain as you put it. You cant claim anything like what can be claimed in the UK."
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