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    ThisYear wrote:
    PaulErith wrote:
    ThisYear wrote:
    PaulErith wrote:
    Andy2010 wrote:
    Kim Gandy wrote:
    I like the new £1 coin.
    Me too although bet Vending Machine operators and Shopping trolley manufacturers are cursing this morning
    Surely by 2017 we should have evolved into a cashless society. A physical note or coin is outdated. With the 'contactless payment' becoming more and more common, I hardly ever have to use coins. It's so much easier to pay by card. We should be thinking about a plan to get rid of physical currrency.
    A cashless society would put us at the mercy of whoever controlled the computers..think about it.
    That sounds like the sort of conspiracy fearing comment that WR9 would come out with. Your finances are already computerised so it's no different. The bit of paper that has a 20 on it isn't actually worth anything per se. It just represents currency. And, you can only one of them out of the bank if the computer says you have that much so you're already 'at their mercy' as you put it. Having a card you tap or a piece of metal or paper with a number on it is no different really.
    Is it not a conspiracy to think that with money controlled by computers that those controlling the computers will not control people?

    While people have money in their pockets they can pay for items, if the ATM breaks down or the bank has glitches..the case just recently...people will be able to use their hard currency to pay for food etc..
    What case was this?

    You mean when Natwest had a glitch and there was uproar?

    On your thinking none of us would then use banks either and would just stash all our money at home under the mattress.

    Or do we draw money out of the ATM? What happens if that fails?"
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