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    GRUMPY PARENT wrote:
    OSPREYSAINT wrote:
    Hyper-Deactive wrote:
    OSPREYSAINT wrote:
    Hyper-Deactive wrote:
    OSPREYSAINT wrote:
    GRUMPY PARENT wrote:
    Sanctioning people for 13 weeks, putting people on silly courses (so classed as in education) or making them work voluntary does not reduce unemployment it's called fudging figures!
    Keeps 'em off the streets though.
    why would you assume that all unemployed people walk the streets every day ?
    Why do you assume that I assume that, actually I don't, well not all of them are, some would be out looking for work perhaps, others are too lazy to do so. I know nothing of the courses mentioned, is there no educational value in them, care to enlighten me on how they work and how they affect the unemployment figures and how they are funded.
    I don't work for DWP so have no idea how they are funded but the comment "Keeps them off the streets" just tells me that you look down on anybody who is unemployed and DO ASSUME that they are all scum.

    Please remember that a man that may be unemployed today could have been a CEO yesterday.

    You might see people outside job centres smoking and drinking and being chavvy but not everybody who is unemployed is like that.
    Rubbish, it was just an off the cuff, flippant remark, which anyone with a minimal sense of humour would have recognised. I spent 48 and three quarter years in full and meaningful employment, was made redundant once for a very short period, retired on a Pension, that will just about see me through the remains on my life, it was paid for in full, and less than it should be, because of poor Interest Rates. I regard myself as one of the lucky ones. I have a lot of sympathy for those that struggle through unemployment which was no fault of there own. I do not label anyone that is unemployed, but can you agree with me, that some are unemployed because they can be and want to be, because they can survive on hand outs. The simple truth is that many are unemployed because there are no suitable jobs, not because they are unemployable. I am not to blame for their predicament.
    You really have no clue, "survive on handouts" some are on £117 every two weeks and have to buy food and pay towards bills that's before fags, beer and drugs that you seem to be referring to if your unemployed that's what you do. I am glad you have your pension to survive on and all your "handouts" as well ie Fuel allowance, (probably) blue badge, state pension, council tax benefit's, and all the other benefits Mr Osborne has just given you. Guess where your vote will be going!. I'm just happy that I live in the knowledge that I could buy and sell you in a heartbeat!
    Still Grumpy
    Woah! mate I don't receive any hand outs, I don't claim any benefits, I pay full Council Tax, I don't drive a car, I vote Labour, if it is any of your business.
    Quote "have to buy food and pay towards bills that's before fags, beer and drugs that you seem to be referring to if your unemployed that's what you do" I don't recall saying any of that. If you are going to slag me off at least get your facts right."
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