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    RollandSmoke wrote:
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    InTheKnowOk wrote:
    Basically the less you have, the better off you are ... end of ....
    So if you've got nothing you've cracked it? And if your getting £30,000 and upwards because you may be loosing more money than someone with nothing you are worse off? Do the nurses know you're using the computer?
    Of course you are better off, the less you have the more benefits you get, which includes free eye checks, free prescriptions, free dental checks, Council tax reduction, reduced rent, help with University fees, even help with funeral costs for your partner, the list is endless ...
    What if you just want to get from one week to the next what is the minimum amount required to do that? Well before any of the bedroom tax and the 25% reduction in council tax benefit the legal minimum you were deemed to require was more or less what someone on JSA would receive. Now some are paying the bedroom tax and the 25% of their council tax but the amount which was deemed to be just about the legal minimum hasn't changed so how is what they are getting now still deemed the legal minimum or even legal? You may be the sort of person who is constantly going to the doctors or having their eyes checked but it's surely not an everyday thing. If you need a free prescription it would suggest you were not well and you were taking steps to improve the situation.
    There are many pensioners living in 3 bed houses which they pay no rent for from the council as its all paid for .. these people need moving out to appropriate accommodation ...

    Many on benefits are better off being on them than not, if working they would be worse off.

    How can sick people improve their situation? .. I am on tablets for life not by choice, it grates on me that smokers with lung problems get people running around after them, district nurses and so on, free car, tax, etc . These are the sort of benefits that are milking the system ..

    All I know is the less you have the more help you get ..
    Yet pensioners on the whole have been exempt from the bedroom tax as the Tories don't want to risk upsetting their core voters. If people on benefits which for the most part are made up of money that they will never see, ie housing benefit that goes straight to their landlord and which they would receive help with even if working, are better off on benefits then that speaks volumes about the levels of wages in this country. If we had the living wage that many are calling for then that may address the problem. Another 19p an hour on the minimum wage isn't enough to solve the low wage problem. Does the taxpayer contributing to a worker's income so their employer can maximise their profits by not paying the workers enough to survive on grate you also? Has this policy helped drive down wages overall? Is it the recipient of the help that is at fault for this?
    Never a truer word spoken. Every - and i mean every - measure that has been introduced by Osbubble since he came to power has been aimed at making sure older people with an income feel wealthy. If you are a pensioner, you get a bus pass so you don't have to use the Rolls on your drive. The young person? Well, they can live on the street until they are 25 after which we will grudgingly give them housing benefit. We're going to do everything in our power - including condemning young people to a lifetime of debt slavery - to ensure your bungalow doesn't go down in price. We'll protect your pension rights, because you think you are entitled, even though there is no "pension pot" for civil service or state pensions and all that money comes out of the pockets of taxpayers. We'll collude with older people to tell you how hard work makes free, even though we've done our best, over several decades, to ensure that as many jobs as possible are exported abroad.
    If people over 40 realised just how much the older generation is reliant on th younger generation, and just how badly they've been screwed over by them, i don't think they'd vote again.
    And i'm over 40."
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