WITH the chill now finally gone from the air, Spring is a special time of the year for many.

But for one Eastington couple, the arrival of Spring – and the blossoming of the daffodils – is an exciting annual event.

Ann and Bob Faraway have been keeping a log of the date of the first daffodil in bloom in their garden since 2006.

This year, their first daffodil arrived on February 24 – the second earliest date since they began recording their arrival.

Bob told us: “We photographed three of the daffodils in our front garden at our home in Estington. “The wonderful blue sky and sunshine helped the daffodils show off their true beauty.

“I’ve been keeping a record of when the first daffodil has bloomed in our back garden since 2006.”

Bob’s records show that in 2006 the first bloom – and the latest - was on March 26.

A year later and the first daffodil appeared on March 15, while in 2008, the earliest recording noted the daffodil appearing on February 10.

In 2009 Bob recorded the first bloom on March 14, and the next year it appeared three days later.

Their first daffodil appeared on March 1 in 2011, then on February 27 in 2012. Last year, the first bloom appeared on February 24.