A MOTHER-of-two threatened to stab her neighbour for ‘playing her music loudly’, a court heard.

Sharon Bishop, aged 26, of Nursery Close, Stroud, pleaded guilty to threatening to stab her neighbour with a kitchen knife at Stroud Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

The court heard that on Saturday, February 22, Bishop’s neighbour Sophie Driver had invited some friends over to get ready before going out for the night.

Addressing the court hearing, Teresa Perry, prosecuting, explained that at 11pm that evening Bishop went to Miss Driver’s house and asked her to turn the music down.

Ms Perry said Bishop told Miss Driver that she would ‘stab her’ if she failed to do as she had asked.

A short while later the defendant confronted Miss Driver in the front garden and threatened to ‘kill her’ by ‘gesturing and pointing the largest knife in the knife block’ towards her, said Ms Perry.

The court was told that in a police interview Bishop said she ‘just snapped’.

She told the police she was ‘fed up of the noise’ and ‘wanted to show her that she meant what she was saying and that she wasn’t messing around’.

In Bishop’s defence, the court was told that the defendant was ‘very protective’ of her six-year-old son who was in the house at the time and was ‘worried that he would be woken up’.

Bishop was also experiencing difficulties in her personal life including ‘mental health issues’.

The defendant regretted what happened and was ‘depressed’ about it, the court heard.

Chairman of the bench Stephen Pitt said the ‘knife had been used to threaten and cause fear’.

The case was referred to Gloucester Crown Court for sentencing on Monday, April 28.