WYCLIFFE Nursery has been praised for its commitment to providing excellent care and learning for its children.

An early years advisor from Gloucestershire County Council said the Stonehouse nursery had a ‘harmonious, calm atmosphere’ with all staff ‘enthusiastically interacting’ with the children.

The report claimed that the the ‘staff are committed to excellence’ and therefore the nursery ‘deserved its outstanding grade’ on the last two inspections.

Nursery manager Caroline Marsh said her staff pride themselves on being totally child focussed.

“That means we look at how they’re learning as well as what they are learning. The nursery does not belong to us. It is a partnership between children, parents and ourselves,” she said.

“We also ensure we focus on each child and get to know them which helps us provide more individualised teaching.”

The county council advisor praised the ‘freedom the children had to learn and play outdoors’.

The annual review follows two inspections by the Independent Schools Inspectorate which awarded the nursery an outstanding grade.