EBLEY resident Roy Fletcher is claiming victory in his battle over parking in Stroud.

Roy, 57, from Devereaux Crescent, has been staging protests on his mobility scooter for over a week, complaining about traffic wardens giving tickets to vehicles parked near Travis Perkins at Wallbridge.

He said: “In the space at the bottom of Wallbridge there are no road markings, so I questioned the fact that people are being booked where they’re not causing a problem.”

The SNJ contacted Gloucestershire County Council, and Local Highways Manager Daniel Tiffney said: “The double yellow lines at Wallbridge date back to before the road was closed off and will be reviewed in the spring. In the meantime we will not be enforcing them, however any vehicles parked dangerously or causing an obstruction will be ticketed."

Roy, who has used a mobility scooter to get around town since losing his leg last year, is delighted with this victory, but says he’ll continue to campaign about parking, particularly vehicles on pavements.

He says: “I’ve spoken to the traffic wardens, asking them to do something about parking on the pavements instead, although they say that’s a police issue. I think traffic wardens should focus on those who make it impossible for mobility scooters and pushchairs to get around town, not those who are an easy target.”

Roy patrolled the area at Wallbridge with a placard which advised motorists not to park there. He said: “I was there on Saturday from 8.30am to 4.30pm and most people I warned went elsewhere to park. I got a lot of ‘thank yous’ and not a word against my actions.”

A spokesman for the County Council’s Highways Department also confirmed that vehicles parking on pavements is a police issue.