A 'POLITE' streaker stripped naked in a charity shop and browsed the shoe display.

The man, who was in his forties and described as rounded and flabby, went into the Cancer Research branch in Malmesbury, walked into the changing room and spent some time trying on clothes before emerging stark naked.

Sgt Martin Alvis from Malmesbury Police said a customer warned the female assistant. “She was told there was a naked man in the shop looking at shoes.”

The assistant approached the man and calmly asked him: “Can you put your clothes back on?”

He agreed and returned to the changing room to dress before leaving.

He was not recognised as local and police are appealing for witnesses to the incident, which happened at around 5.15pm on Thursday.

The man was white, aged 40 to 45, of stocky build and between 5ft 6ins and 5ft 8 ins tall.

He had brown and grey hair cut in a short back and sides and was wearing a pink tee shirt, medium grey joggers and dark training shoes.

He spoke with a local accent.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Wiltshire Police on 101.