POLICE are appealing for help from the public after a brutal raid on a 96-year-old woman's house in Tuffley.

The burglary happened at the address in Tuffley Lane at about 10.30pm last night (Tuesday April 8).

The victim was preparing to go to bed when she heard the doorbell ring. She ignored it but noticed the lounge door was open so went to close it. At that point she felt hands on her and was lowered to the floor by the offenders, who went on to search the house while she was incapacitated. It is believed there were two burglars, described as wearing beige coloured gloves. The victim pressed her lifeline button and managed to crawl to the telephone where she dialled 999.

Meanwhile it is believed the offenders left empty handed.

PC Steve Sutton, of Gloucester’s Burglary Unit, said: "This was an awful attack on a defenceless elderly woman. She is a very strong willed and determined lady and I hope she can come to terms with what happened but the burglars who did this need to be stopped.

"Please think back - if you saw suspicious activity in the street or nearby yesterday we need you to ring 101 and quote incident 469 of April 8.

"If you own CCTV in the area can I ask you to review the footage you have for between 10pm and 1am.

"Our officers have been knocking on doors in the area and will continue to offer crime reduction advice and reassurance to the community."