HARD work has led to an improvement in the overall rating of St Joseph’s Primary School in Nympsfield.

The school’s latest Ofsted inspection increased the school’s rating from ‘satisfactory’, the third best rating, to ‘good’, the second.

Attitudes to school and learning were praised as ‘exemplary’ with well-mannered pupils who are described being ‘polite and respectful to each other and to adults’.

Behaviour and safety were rated as ‘outstanding’ while achievement, quality of teaching, leadership and management were ‘good’.

Headteacher Wendy D’Arcy’s dedication was singled out for mention.

Inspectors were impressed by her ‘passion and commitment’ which was shared by all members of the school community.

All teaching was described as ‘good’ but much was said to be ‘outstanding’ and the broad range of lessons allowed the development of spiritual, more and cultural understanding, said the report.

Ms D’Arcy said: “The team of staff and governors at St Joseph’s are delighted with the report.

“The words ‘outstanding’, ‘excellent’ and ‘exceptional’ are used throughout which endorses what we already know.

“The culture created where ‘only the best is good enough’ is a strong thread throughout all staff and children.

“Parental support is great, with 100 per cent recommending the school. The report identifies that the school ‘is not complacent’ and we will continue to strive for outstanding overall.

“The whole inspection experience was extremely positive and the inspector was rigorous but very fair.”

To improve further, some staff members need to raise their expectations in line with the best teachers and results for reading need to improve. It was noted that staff were committed to achieve an even better rating in the future.