MY twins have only recently started riding their bikes without losing their balance.

One found it easier to master and had fewer bumps and bruises than her sister.

It was hard for the less confident one to get back on her bike after falling off, especially when her twin sped past her in Olympic style.

I had to keep telling her that she would master it.

But she had to keep believing and not give up.

One of the most moving scenes I have ever watched was that of Derek Redmond, an Olympic hopeful specialising in the 400 metres, struggle to the finish line after tearing his hamstring in a semi-final race in the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics.

The most touching moment was seeing his dad leap over the railing to help him do so.

It is Good Friday this week – a day when all must have seemed black for the early Christians.

Their hopes dashed, their minds confused and their faith shattered, they must have found it hard to carry on.

At this point they hadn’t experienced Easter Sunday.

They hadn’t fully understood the reason for the cross and why Jesus died.

At times in our lives we can feel in darkness, God seems silent and the pain is too much.

We can’t see the finishing line and we forget the power and significance of Easter Sunday.

It is the most important part of the Christian message.

The tomb was empty, not because someone moved the body but because that body moved the stone.

Death was defeated.

The amazing honour of being able to call God in heaven, Our Father, was made possible because of what Jesus did.

It is not an easy journey being a Christian, but like Derek Redmond, we have someone who when we need it, will help us cross the winning line.

We just need to have the faith to remember Easter Sunday when we are facing a Good Friday.