Stroud author reveals childhood abuse in a bid to help others

11:24am Thursday 17th April 2014

By Jane Leigh

STROUD author Peter Kilby kept quiet about the childhood abuse he suffered for decades.

But Peter, 72, who has lived in Cashes Green for 45 years, was eventually persuaded to write his story and enter it in a competition – and his incredible tale is now available to buy.

His book, Never Call Me Mummy Again, tells the true story of how Peter’s life changed after his mother died when he just a toddler.

When his father replaced her with his mistress, Peter’s mistake of calling her ‘Mummy’ resulted in him being dragged outside, trampled on and shouted at.

Peter never made that mistake again.

“I was born in 1942 during an era when many perhaps found it easier to be cruel to children,” said Peter.

“However, that’s no excuse, which is why I am sharing my life story to bring attention to the abuse that still exists, but nobody recognises.”

Peter’s story includes horrific descriptions of his ordeals. His hands were held against burning stoves, he was thrown from a window and even had his feet nailed to the floorboards.

“I never spoke about it, but my daughter Michelle was doing an exam and needed a potted history of one of her parents,” added Peter.

My wife Anne had quite a normal childhood so I wrote a little bit, and Michelle asked for more.

“I started remembering all sorts of details, and some of it was very difficult. It made me feel awful but I wanted to show that you can fight back.”

After entering a life-story competition run by Penguin and Saga Magazine, Peter was asked to finish the book, which was published in August last year.

“I really wanted the younger generation to read it just to show that you don’t have to lie down and die, you can take control of your own life. If it helps just a few people to do that then it will have been worthwhile,” he added.

Never Call Me Mummy Again is available to buy from Amazon. ISBN: 978-1405909297


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