BELLS will ring out in King’s Stanley to celebrate St George’s Day at 6pm this evening.

St George’s Church is one of hundreds across the country taking part in the celebrations today, Wednesday.

Campaign group Ringing for England has arranged for thousands of church bells to ring across the country at the same time to celebrate the national day.

Libby Alexander, founder of Ringing for England, said: “The campaign was started in 2010 because there was a perceived concern that there was a lack of enthusiasm for such an event.

“Vacuums are often filled by and proceed to be occupied by unwholesome representations which is why this campaign decided to act as a catalyst to provide a platform for change.

“My aim is for England to be proud of her patron saint.”

The campaign wants to bring city and rural communities together in a jointcelebration.

For further details see or Twitter @englandringing