Christian Comment with Jane Court, a member of Minchinhampton Baptist Church

9:02am Sunday 20th April 2014

MY husband and I have just spent a few days in Liverpool with our grandchildren; great fun but exhausting.

We could have saved ourselves the effort and expense of travel and just 'googled' facts about Liverpool, but we have gained so much more from a visit to the city - exploring art galleries, museums, the amazing Metropolitan Cathedral and of course the Beatles story, chatting with taxi drivers and passers-by, skateboarding along the Unesco Waterfront (the kids not us).

Immersing ourselves in the city, even for just a few days, has meant that we don’t just know about Liverpool, but we can now claim that we know the city, a little bit anyway.

Our granddaughter will be sitting her G.C.S.E. exams soon, and so some of my time was spent helping her with revision.

Physics defeated me.

R.E. I found fascinating, but it troubled me to see my faith dissected into a series of academic statements and questions.

Christianity is so much more than a discipline to be studied.

As our visit to Liverpool highlighted, to truly know something we need to experience it.

Easter is a season where we are reminded afresh that God invites us to experience life with Him, and this is made possible through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Navigating city traffic in Liverpool I recalled the old Green Cross Code I was taught as a child and I wondered if an Easter Cross Code may help us experience more of God.

So this Eastertide why not…

STOP: take a break from your regular routines.

LOOK: take time to look around.

What evidence can you see of a creative, loving God at work in your life and the world?

LISTEN: for that still small voice within you, inviting you to experience a relationship with Jesus.

Then, as the Code states, keep straight on, beware of distractions, don’t hurry or cut corners, keep alert, looking and listening, and if you truly want to know God, rather than merely know about him, you will.


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