A HERD of cows had to be rescued from neighbouring fields after they were spooked by joggers in Cam last week.

Four of the frightened calves ran through fencing into an adjacent wheat field next to Taits Hill, leaving the farmers with the unenviable task of returning the animals to their rightful place on Tuesday, April 15.

While walking his dogs, former groundsman David Elsdon witnessed the incident and was concerned about costs the famers might face from potential crop damage.

“They ran straight into the cattle and completely spooked them which ran through a fence into an adjoining field of wheat,” he said.

“I feel sorry for the farmers and what they are going to have to do.”

Chairman of Dursley Running Club David Durden said the runners involved tried to resolve the matter at the scene by contacting several farmers.

“The incident highlighted how difficult it is to contact a farmer when the ownership of the land is unknown,” he said.

“I can confirm that Dursley Running Club has already identified the owner of the cattle involved and discussed this matter.”

Mr Durden said following the conversation the club was issuing updated advice to its members, including run leaders after describing the inconvenience cause to the farmer as “regrettable”.

“The discussion with the owner highlighted the importance of both walkers and runners being aware that young livestock out for the first time can easily be upset,” he said.

“It may also be helpful to those using the Public Footpaths on agricultural land if landowners and/or farmers displayed notices to runner and walkers, particularly those accompanied by dogs, that caution is advised when young cattle are present.

“Dursley Running Club and its members value the opportunity to run in our fantastic local environment and seek to do so responsibly.”