GLOUCESTERSHIRE'S Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl has highlighted national concerns around the police's capability to deal with online crime.

During a recent conference on cyber crime, Mr Surl said the policing service needs to make sure it is equipped to deal with the problem of online crime.

"This is why I asked people in Gloucestershire if they felt it should be considered a priority for me and without doubt they agreed," added Mr Surl.

"As a result I have made it one of the priorities in our Police and Crime Plan.

"I know the constabulary is working hard to develop a coordinated response to a many layered problem and this additional funding will help it achieve this."

Responding to the comments, assistant chief constable Richard Berry, said: "Cyber crime is a growing problem that covers a huge spectrum of issues from cyber bulling and online fraud to global attacks on our infrastructure.

"It’s a subject the police are working nationally to address and in Gloucestershire we welcome the introduction of the sixth priority in our Police and Crime Plan.

"Our officers are dealing with cases on a day-to-day basis and there is ongoing training to make sure they are equipped to do this to the highest possible standards.

"Work has also been underway for many months to establish our long term plans to tackle the problem and this forms a corner stone for the work on our sixth priority.

"Cyber crime is a real issue and we want to ensure people in Gloucestershire are not left vulnerable to these criminals."