MORE than 70 residents attended a public meeting hosted by the Stroud branch of UKIP this week.

The keynote speaker at the meeting, which was held at the Town Hall on Thursday, April 24, was the party's 2015 parliamentary candidate for Stroud, Caroline Stephens.

She spoke about a number of core issues including Europe, education, immigration and trade.

Mrs Stephens, a mother of two and teacher, said: "It was a great meeting that was well attended with a wide cross section of local people and quite a bit of passion coming from both sides."

Dr Julia Reid, who is one of the party's candidates competing for one of six seats in the South West in the European Elections next month, spoke about the 'stifling range of EU regulations that hamper business'.

The speakers, which also included Tewkesbury parliamentary candidate Stewart Adair, fielded a range of questions from supporters and opponents of UKIP.

UKIP is fielding 10 candidates in the local elections on Thursday, May 22.