IPADS have been given to sixth form students at Gloucester Academy to aid their studies.

Year 12 students at Gloucester Academy received the devices on Thursday, May 1 and will now be able to use them to support their studies.

Students and parents were invited into the school on Thursday evening for a demonstration of the capabilities of the iPad and how the device will enrich the students’ education.

Ben Craig, director of sixth form at Gloucester Academy said: “We are determined to provide our year 12 students, our first post-16 in-take, with a successful sixth form experience which they can use as the springboard to go on to achieve more and have successful careers.

“The provision of iPads is a key tool in enhancing their education.

“With exams and final assessments starting next month, the deployment of the devices couldn’t happen at a better time.

“These paradigm-shifting devices, will change the way our sixth formers work and will enable Gloucester Academy to create a collaborative, dynamic, creative and contemporary education experience for our learners.

“I am pleased that the sixth form are at the cutting edge of education technology and leading the way for the rest of the school.”

Ainsley Campbell, Gloucester Academy year 12 student said: “I am able to work everywhere and anywhere, whenever I want.”

Jake Neate, Gloucester Academy year 12 student said: “It’s great that we’ve got our iPad minis and they are already extremely useful for work and revision.”

Jack Beaver, Gloucester Academy year 12 student said: “It’s easy to study with and simple to use – I’ve been using it all night”

Gloucester Academy Principal, Showk Badat, was responsible for the ground breaking distribution of iPads to students at the academy he previously led, where he also brought about significant improvements.

Showk Badat, Gloucester Academy Principal, said: "I am absolutely delighted that we have been able to provide our young people at Gloucester Academy with the necessary tools they need to succeed.

“The use of these excellent mobile devices will complement the work students will do in their lessons.

“I have no doubt standards of attainment will rise because of this innovative approach to learning."