ONLY Labour is working to make the European Union work for people.

The EU has a positive impact on our region – jobs, protection at work, protection for consumers, support for farmers, pollution and climate change, equal rights, relatives living and working abroad are just some of the areas where South West people benefit.

Indeed, in our region, we have employers here as a direct result of the UK’s place in the European Union; in aerospace, the motor industry or the service sector.

But Labour knows that the EU has to show it is working for people.

That is why Labour wants an EU that provides fairness, an EU that levels the playing field against multi-nationals and tax avoiding companies and stops them undercutting good companies, an EU that tackles climate change and pollution because it is working for everyone, irrespective of national boundaries and an EU that protects and promotes consumers interests.

Many across the South West worry about falling wages relative to cost of living.

Our region is one of the worst affected for this disparity.

We need a Government that provides room for those engineering companies to invest, to provide high skill and high wage jobs to re-balance our regional economy.

Labour’s South West Euro candidate team is made up of six people from the South West.

They share your understanding of what the region needs, the challenges, opportunities and understand why we need MEP’s that will ensure every last penny the South West puts into the EU, we get good value for.

The European Parliamentary Labour Party brings together Labour MEPs as Labour’s voice in Europe.

Labour MEPs stand up and fight campaigns on important issues that require international solutions.

From tackling climate change and discrimination to protecting consumers and vulnerable people, Labour MEPs stand up for you in Europe.

EPLP campaigns have brought about real changes to people’s quality of life in Britain, around Europe and across the world.

So whilst the Tories talk about a referendum because they are afraid of the impact of UKIP on their party, and UKIP pledge higher taxes for working families and pursue leaving the EU and taking your rights away, Labour are busy standing up for jobs and growth.

Vote Labour in the European elections because only Labour will lead a confident UK in the EU and the rest of the world.

Labour Candidates:

  • Clare Moody
  • Glyn Ford
  • Ann Reeder
  • Hadleigh Roberts
  • Jude Robinson
  • Junab Ali