Euro Elections - BNP manifesto

12:00pm Sunday 11th May 2014

THE British National Party is totally different to any other political party in Britain.

We don’t just tell you what you want to hear, we tell you the truth.

As a result, the corrupt establishment controlling this country hates us – you may have noticed that.

Mass immigration is being deliberately used to make the British people a minority in our own country.

If you complain about it, they call you a racist. You may have noticed that too.

The EU is nothing more than a centralised conglomeration of power in central Europe that treats the UK as nothing more than a satellite state. We should free ourselves from its evil clutches immediately.

The UK’s constant involvement in wars that have nothing to do with us highlights the fact that we no longer control our own foreign policy. We should be building hospitals in Britain instead of bombing them abroad.

The BNP will put money and resources into our own communities and infrastructure rather than wasting it on EU membership, foreign aid and enforced diversity.

We’ll make sure our people get houses and jobs. Britain has become nothing more than a giant economic migrants adventure theme-park, with political correctness and “anti-racism” laws effectively categorising indigenous Brits as a lower form of life.

We were originally tricked into joining a ‘common market’ that has mutated into a tax-gobbling federal superstate.

Others promise a referendum on the EU. However, if enough people vote BNP, we’ll be out in time for tea.

The BNP’s prime candidate for the south west is former mathematics and statistics lecturer Adrian Romilly.

Mr Romilly said: “I have an abiding interest in current affairs, with a particular emphasis on the impact of Britain’s numerous treaty commitments on Her ability to govern Herself.”

There is a growing crisis of democratic legitimacy caused by disillusioned voters refusing to take part in elections, the privatisation transfer of power and assets from democratic institutions to big business, and the way in which a handful of media moguls channel and twist public discourse to favour themselves and allied vested interests.

The British National Party will restore genuine democracy by breaking the monopoly power of the corporate media.

We will return to democratically-elected local government and local communities the powers usurped by the EU, Westminster, Whitehall and by big business.

BNP candidates


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