INDEPENDENCE from Europe tops your ballot paper.

Led by Mike Nattrass MEP who has stood at elections against the EU takeover since 1994, a vote here is a vote to leave the EU.

The party is also concerned at threats of NHS privatisation which already struggles with debt due to excessive interest charges from private funding. The NHS does not need privatisation of parts of the service leading to receive yet more costs and lack of coordination.

The global trading UK is restricted by EU domination and regulation. Leaving the EU will provide better trade with the world, including our Commonwealth and the EU. Liberation from the EU will close ‘open borders’.

The UK will control the influx of people by work permits and scrutiny, easing pressure on housing, schools, hospitals and local authority services, whilst helping to employ unskilled workers and the young.

The cost of EU membership (more than £55m a day) is wasted money, which should be invested in the UK.

The EU having failed their accounts for 19 years, show no sign of stopping massive levels of fraud.

David Smith said: “Back in the 1970s Edward Heath assured voters that ‘The Common Market’ was about trade and would not affect Sovereignty.

The status has changed to European Union (note the word Union) and the President of the Commission now states that ‘this is the new European Empire into which you have pooled your sovereignty’.

The fraud of our entry and surrender into the hands of the EU are well known and the people of the UK should repudiate any illegal agreement seeking to take power from Westminster.

Regulations, many unsuitable for the UK, are set into concrete by the EU. Changes, approved by all 28 Countries of the Union, making alterations next to impossible.

Thus privatisation of our postal service and post offices was lead by EU regulations stopping subsidy and opening up the ‘monopoly’ which the Lib/Lab/Con Party voted for with apparent glee.

The subsequent result has been increases in stamp costs, more junk mail and Post Office closures.

An Independence from Europe say Westminster is the place where UK law and regulations must be made, not Brussels where ‘one size fits all’ and bureaucracy rules to the extent of insanity.

A vote for An Independence from Europe is a vote to leave the EU.

An Independence from Europe candidiates

  • David Smith
  • Helen Webster
  • Mike Camp
  • Andrew Edwards
  • Phil Dunn
  • John Taverner