A BURGLARY look out was caught because he left a can of Coke at the scene - with his fingerprints on it, a court heard today.

Jordan Ryland, 20, had been recruited by older and more experienced criminals to take part in the raid on a house in Whiteshill, near Stroud.

None of the rest of the gang was caught because Ryland declined to name them, said prosecutor Janine Wood at Gloucester Crown Court.

Ryland, of Falkner St, Gloucester, pleaded guilty to burglary of the house between 16-19 February this year and theft of a boiler, tools, electrical items and baby clothes worth a total of £7,000.

Ms Wood said the house was at the time of the raid unoccupied because it was being renovated and extended for owner Carly Hoskins, who had a 7 week baby at the time.

His only previous convictions were as a 15 year old when he was cautioned for minor offences of dishonesty.

Joe Maloney, defending, said it was a reflection of Ryland's inexperience that he left evidence of his involvement at the scene.

"He very much regrets his involvement in this matter," Mr Maloney said. "He was under the influence of people who were a little bit more sophisticated.

"He has a future. He is working and training as a plasterer with his father."

Judge William Hart said: "You were brought into this by others who were more criminally sophisticated.

“You were a fool to get yourself involved. You are big enough and old enough not to get involved in crime.

"You say you were the lookout and I believe that is true. You were foolish enough to leave a Coke can with your fingerprints on it at the premises. That shows how unsophisticated you were as a criminal.

"You are in work - you are in a position to make recompense to the community by doing unpaid work."

The judge sentenced Ryland to 12 months detention suspended for two years and ordered him to do 200 hours of unpaid work. "

He also ordered Ryland to pay £1,000 compensation to Carly Hoskins.