WET sponges were launched at a Tesco store manager to raise money for a good cause.

Amused customers gave small donations to throw wet sponges at Kevin Hall, 33, on the not-so-sunny day.

Kevin, the store manager at Tesco Express in Stratford Road, Stroud, volunteered to be put in a set of stocks for the day to raise money for Diabetes UK.

“It wasn’t the best weather to be strapped in the stocks while cold and wet sponges were thrown at me but it was worth it thanks to the money we managed to raise,” he said.

Shoppers donating small change – raising nearly £250 for Diabetes UK, Tesco’s affiliated charity. In April, Kevin volunteered to have his chest waxed and managed to raise £135.

Collections for Diabetes UK will be held in 300 large Tesco stores between June 13 and 15 with the aim of raising a total of £300,000.