PRIME Minister David Cameron gives three reasons to vote Conservative.

First, if you want a team in Europe that gets the best deal for Britain, vote Conservative. We’ve proved our mettle. We’re the party that vetoed that EU treaty, that saved Britain from bailing out Eurozone countries, and that cut the EU budget for the first time ever—saving taxpayers £8.15 billion.

And we’re the only party committed to holding a referendum and asking the British people: in or out.

The Liberal Democrats and Labour won’t give you a say and UKIP can’t. So if you want your say on Europe, there’s only one option—voting Conservative.

Second, if you want good local government that costs less, you need to vote Conservative.

Time and again, Conservative councils show that they are on the side of residents, that they save money and that they are competent—unlike the coalition of Labour, Liberal Democrats and Greens here in Stroud, whose latest failure is the bungled attempt to tender the local farmers’ market.

Third, if you want to stick to the long-term plan that is turning Britain around, vote Conservative.

Labour left us with a Great Recession, but we’ve been building a Great British revival—with 1.5 million more people in work, more business in Britain than ever before and one of the fastest growing economies in the developed world.

You can see the great British revival right here in the South West.

Unemployment is falling faster in this region than anywhere else in the country. Since the last election, 86,000 more people are in work and 2.2 million have had a tax cut.

More than 40,000 new businesses have been started and we are seeing some really big infrastructure programmes in the area, like the electrification of the train line from London to Cardiff.

It’s clear that our long-term plan is working. So if you want this to continue, if you want more jobs, more opportunities and a better future for the people of Stroud, then vote Conservative on May 22.