RADICAL change is needed over the next few years to create a greener, fairer society with more local employment opportunities.

A local economy which is sustainable, equitable and resilient is at the heart of our Green Party policy.

Green councillors, cooperating with Labour and Lib Dems, have already begun to transform Stroud District Council finances, investing in the future instead of cutting services and without raising council taxes.

The Green-instigated £12m investment on insulation and renewable energy in the coldest council homes will create local jobs, reduce energy bills, bring income to the council and cover its cost within 10 years. For homeowners, Greens have introduced loans to help people insulate their houses and reduce heating costs.

Greens have secured a £100,000 investment in local food production, supporting local farmers and farmers markets.

They will continue to encourage good fresh food, grown and sold locally, which reduces food miles.

Greens have campaigned hard against mass-burn incineration. Green councillors have managed the successful introduction of the new recycling scheme, saving taxpayers’ money and reducing waste available for landfill or incineration.

Better recycling will continue to help the environment and support local jobs. Greens will now press for food waste to be collected: this could power an energy plant; reduce further the waste available for incineration; and lower the council’s energy bills.

Greens have been at the forefront of protecting the countryside from inappropriate housing developments.

Through their input to the Local Plan, Greens are actively encouraging reuse of urban sites for new, high quality housing and supporting the building of new, energy-efficient council housing.