WE in UKIP stand for decision making on local issues by local people.

£272 million a year leaves Gloucestershire to help fund the Brussels bureaucrats.

We want the UK out of the EU and that money back to invest in our communities.

Our councillors will vote on local issues, independent of national party policy. If it’s right for our community, UKIP councillors will vote with any of the other parties.

Our UKIP candidates believe:

  • immigration should be controlled to relieve pressure on housing, education, welfare
  • we should encourage apprenticeships and vocational courses for young people to get jobs
  • we should work in partnership with local businesses to stimulate tourism
  • in the promotion and protection small businesses
  • in a a halt to new wind farms. So called ‘green’ energy is not cheap or efficient. It is making rich people richer and forcing ordinary people into energy poverty
  • we must support local farmers and the Stroud Farmer’s Market
  • we must push for more grammar school places, building on the excellence of its two existing schools
  • planning decisions need to be brought back to local people with local referenda on vital local issues such as major new housing developments and the Javelin Park incinerator
  • in fighting for the aged, vulnerable and young so their voices can be heard in Stroud District Council
  • we must press for councils and NHS trusts to cut highly paid executives salaries and protect front line services.