PRINKNASH Bird and Deer Park welcomed the arrival of two new reindeer calves last week.

The calves were born to mum Prancer and dad Comet late last week.

The park held a prize name draw for both of the bouncing boys was swamped with ideas for names.

Winners Rachel Cash, from Eastcombe, chose the name Frozen and Rachel Lewis, from Chalford, came up with the name Blanco.

A video was released on #TheBirdpark Facebook page showing the draw.

Melanie Meigh, owner of Prinknash Bird and Deer Park said: “We were really pleased that so many people took part.

“The bird park now has five reindeer, with three males and two females.

“Let’s hope that that these boys aren't too much to handle.”

Visitors will be able to see them both this weekend at the park.