AN ELECTRICIAN who was told he had bronchitis was in fact dying from his exposure to asbestos during his working life in Stroud, an inquest was told on Tuesday.

William Dutton, 59, of Abbeymead, Gloucester went to his GP complaining of a cough in July 2012 and was initially diagnosed as suffering from bronchitis, Gloucestershire Coroner’s Court heard But subsequent X-rays and a CT Scan revealed that he was suffering from mesothelioma, a lung cancer resulting from exposure to asbestos dust, which was diagnosed at Bristol Hospital in February 2013.

In a statement made after his diagnosis, Mr Dutton said "I left school at 16 and worked for R.Lewis and Company in Stroud until 2000.

"I worked on large industrial heaters, electrical installations and night storage heaters, which all contained asbestos.

"I was not told of the risks involved or provided with masks.

"I worked for another company - Clark and Evans until 2008.

"I developed a cough in July 2012 and at first my doctor thought it was bronchitis."

Mr Dutton died at the Sue Ryder Hospice in Leckhampton Court, Leckhampton on February 5 this year and a post mortem concluded that death was due to bronchial pneumonia and mesothelioma, brought on by exposure to asbestos.

Assistant Coroner for Gloucester shire Sally Scanlon concluded that death was due to an industrial disease.