Christian Comment with Brian Stanley, Randwick Local Ministry Team

9:02am Sunday 25th May 2014

THE village of Randwick has again just survived its annual revolution or peasants revolt.

The origin of the Wap dates back beyond the Middle Ages to the primitive celebration of Springtime, bringing together the May Queen - a local lass – and a mock Mayor both representing the ordinary folk.

It is in the same tradition as the boy-bishop, or the pupil being headteacher for the day, – a reminder perhaps to the hierarchy that the real power could lie with the people, ignored or tyrannised at other times.

And of course these re-enactments also involve dressing up in the finery of gentry or royalty.

What sort of revolution matters to us?

Part of the power of the Christian message comes from Jesus’ identifying with the marginalised, plus his integrity in the face of the religious, political and military powers.

And the Bible has two levels of advice for us as Christians in terms of dressing up such as, metaphorically, “clothe yourself in humility” and “put on God’s complete armour (eg the belt of truth)”.

To play Mary at Christmas or Christ on Good Friday, putting on the role like a costume, can be a profound experience at any age.

And, deeper still, comes the reminder that it is the inward spiritual response and personal development that is the real evidence of Christian character.

However, learning and growing (ie discipleship) involves seriously practising a role, and that can help through understanding to embed its truth into our being, in the same way as children internalise the dos and don’ts if given a reason.

We are lucky to live in an age and country where mostly people are accepted as worthy to be heard and respected.

How do we handle that trust?

Just putting on our Sunday best for a couple of hours a week or allowing that ‘best that we can be’ to permeate our whole lives?

When we clothe ourselves in the name of Christians, Christ’s ones, how much does our inner self match that outer garment?


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