ONE man has changed the lives of hundreds of people after his mission to do a good deed a day for a year gains global attention.

Luke Cameron, who works in Cirencester, started up online blog the Good Deed Diary in an attempt to do one good deed every single day of 2014.

“I lost a close friend to cancer last year and the nurses that were there were with us out of hours and in the night. It inspired me,” said Luke. “It made me think twice about things.”

His blog already has more than 7,000 followers and has attracted attention from national newspapers, television broadcasters and even media outlets in Australia, America and Brazil.

“It’s exciting,” the 25-year-old from Cheltenham added. “I try and find any opportunity I can to help people. I get such a thrill from people’s faces when I do a good deed and that they’re so taken aback from other people’s kindness.”

Luke’s good deeds so far include buying a homeless person a hot lunch, giving away his £25-winning lottery ticket to a stranger, and donating clothes, DVDs and games to a local charity shop. He is even giving away his Nintendo Wii as part of a competition.

“I’ve cried a few times because it’s been emotional,” he said. “Even just asking someone ‘how are you’ sincerely can put a smile on their face.”

Luke has admitted that the recent craze of RAK nominations, which see people carrying out random acts of kindness for others, had nothing to do with him and that his Good Deed Diary had started before they did.

He has said he is going to feel sad when the year comes to an end and his mission is complete.

“I might keep doing it anyway,” he said. “I don’t know what the future is going to hold but there are so many opportunities and it’s exciting. I’m going to be mentor to kids at Gloucester and Cirencester schools soon.”

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