NAILSWORTH Town Council was divided by plans to re-introduce sub-committee meetings during a heated debate on Tuesday, May 20.

They discussed the practicalities of the devolved committee system against discussing such issues as a full council.

After a six month trial period, members voted five to four to bring back two sub-committees, one for recreation and amenities and one for environment.

Councillor Jonathan Duckworth, who was re-elected as deputy mayor at the meeting, was one of those in favour of abolishing the sub-committees.

He argued the committees involved too much time and that it was more convenient to meet as a whole council.

An argument then broke out with several members reluctant to sit on the committees, which led to Councillor Sally Thorpe threatening to leave the meeting.

“I have never been so angry in all my life,” she said.

“We have democratically passed this through, I feel flabbergasted that some councillors are refusing. How do people feel they are serving their ward if they won’t sit on committees?”

In the end, two sub-committees, with three-members each, were formed.