RESIDENTS have complained of dangerous parking. Loud noise and litter following a controversial bid for a third takeaway in the Triangle.

An application to change the off licence in Malmesbury into a fried chicken outlet has been lodged with Wiltshire Council. It is nextdoor to a kebab and pizza shop and in the same small row as a chip shop.

One of the objectors, Ian Hubert said drivers ignored no parking signs road markings and left cars and even buses on the pavement close to the T junction outside his home making it dangerous for people leaving his front door.

“The existing unmanaged (in the evenings) and dangerous situation for pedestrians and residents will only increase if this planning application is granted,” he said.

“This location already has significant issues as a result of the density of hot food takeaways which encourage illegal and dangerous parking as people wait for food to be cooked due to the lack of parking available; this situation is considerably less with an off licence as the waiting time is significantly less.”

Another resident, Victoria Taylor said in her objection: “There are already two takeaways next to this shop and they are the main source of public disorder in the town and open until way past midnight.

She said residents already suffered late night noise. “Most of the visitors who come by car have loud music on in their cars and the bass shakes our house windows and means sleep is not possible on the weekend until after they close.

“The other takeaways create a litter problem also and whilst I am not averse to takeaways being open the fact that the two that are there seem to operate without any policing over noise and litter, means that a third one can't possibly be allowed to happen.”

She added: “I suggest anyone from the council interested cone and stand outside the two current takeaways after 7pm to see the level of antisocial parking and noise.”

Consultation on the application runs until June 5 and it can be seen on Wiltshire Council’s website.