Hedgehogs have declined by 35 per cent

9:25am Friday 30th May 2014

By SNJ Reporter

HEDGEHOGS have declined by an estimated 35 per cent in the last decade for a variety of reasons.

Some of these, such as weather conditions, are beyond the control of most of us, but others are very much due to human thoughtlessness.

For instance the injuries caused by litter: plastic drink can holders, rubber bands dropped by the postmen....... all these can slowly strangle hedgehogs and other wildlife, so please dispose of litter safely at home.

Several of the hogs found this summer by caring people have been badly injured by strimmers – including two in one day with horrendous head injuries, and there was no choice but to end their suffering and have them put to sleep.

One in particular had survived long enough for the wound to become infested with maggots.

Anyone using a strimmer needs to think about animals, including pets, which could be asleep in the long grass and just do a check first.

Hedgehogs are very good at falling into things – ponds, cattle grids, drains – and fortunately kind people notice and call the Hospital.

As nocturnal animals it is not normal for them to be found out in the daytime “sunbathing” or wobbling about – this is a sign of distress, so please let us know quickly so that they can be assessed and treated.

Full marks to the little boy from Cam who knew that the hog found on the cricket pitch needed help. He had been to one of our talks at Dursley Library!

Our outreach work with schools and libraries encourages young people to think about wildlife, especially hedgehogs. To book a talk for your school or group ring John on 01453 885653.

Following the successful release programme at Cranham, we will be attending the Cranham Show and Open Farm Sunday on 8th June, when Annie will be giving an update on their progress.

We will also have a stall at Miserden Country Fair on 29th June.

For more information and emergency contact details, please see our website http://www.helpahedgehog.org/ Help a Hedgehog Hospital is registered charity no 1156376


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