POLICE are warning computer users to guard against a cyber attack in the wake of a Government alert issued by the UK’s National Crime Agency.

Following the U.S. charging a man with cybercrime, the Agency is saying people probably have two weeks before international criminals get a so-called ‘botnet’ of hi-jacked computers functioning again.

The Agency has posted advice on how best to protect computers.

GetSafeOnline.org - a Government-backed initiative - has a list of downloads it recommends to run a sweep of your system.

  • Install internet security software from companies listed on Get Safe Online's Facebook and Google+ profiles, to download a free tool to scan for Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker, and remove them from your computer
  • Do not open attachments in emails unless you are 100% certain that they are authentic
  • Make sure your internet security software is fully up-to-date and switched on at all times
  • Ensure your Windows operating system has the latest Microsoft updates applied
  • Ensure your software programs have the latest manufacturers' updates applied
  • Ensure all of your files including documents, photos, music and bookmarks are backed up and readily available in case you can no longer access them on your computer
  • Never store passwords on your computer in case they are accessed by Gameover Zeus or another aggressive malware program.

Advice is also available at https://www.getsafeonline.org/ and https://www.cert.gov.uk/