A SURPRISING number of dog owners admit to not scooping their pet's poop statistics revealed.

Three out of five dog owners in Gloucestershire admit not scooping the poop, while four out of five say that dog mess is an issue in Gloucestershire.

Forty three per cent of people are unaware that worms from dogs can be passed onto humans.

The research by Maximum Worming revealed the 61 per cent of dog owners do not pick up after their animals.

This is likely to be a key reason that four out of five dog owners said that dog mess is an issue in Gloucestershire – with nearly a quarter saying it is an increasing issue.

It seems many can’t step outside without spotting faeces, 47 per cent said that they see dog mess ‘nearly every’ or ‘every time’ they walk their own dog.

The research coincides with the Maximum Worming team visiting the Royal Three Counties Show. The Maximum Worming team is spreading the word about responsible pet ownership and the importance of regular worming with a vet strength wormer.

Not picking up dog mess has consequences for both humans and dogs but the research revealed that many weren’t aware of this.

Just 41 per cent say they worm their pet as often as every three months, which is the minimum frequency recommended by experts.

Kingsley Baxendale, spokesperson from Maximum Worming said: “A lot of responsible pet owners are getting really fed up and frustrated with the problem of dog mess. “We’re really looking forward to meeting dog and cat owners at the Royal Three Counties Show and offering them tools and advice on worming as well as giving out 50,000 free poo bag lead holders to help keep their parks clean.

“There is a simple two-fold message for pet owners – clean up your dog’s mess and get your pets, both cats and dogs, wormed regularly with a vet strength wormer.”

For more information on Maximum Worming, including how to protect your dog and family from the risk of worms, visit http://www.wormpatrol.co.uk/maximum-worming