A STEALTH Bomber aircraft has been spotted zooming around the Cotswolds this week.

The aircraft has been flown in as part of an RAF Fairford exercise, aiming to prepare the base to be ready to receive a deployment of aircraft and personnel within 48 hours notice.

RAF Fairford is home to the USAF 420th Air Base Squadron, which is part of the 501st Combat Support Wing at RAF Alconbury in Cambridgeshire.

The mission at RAF Fairford wis being put into action over the next few weeks.

There is aircraft activity on the Fairford airfield throughout the month of June, with several aircraft operations and up to 500 extra personnel.

Aircraft will arrive from Monday, June 2 and exercise from RAF Fairford for up to three weeks, expecting to depart by Saturday, June 21. This is training for real life scenarios and also for practice purposes.

The main flying operations will take place between 9-16 June, although RAF Fairford will only be used for take-off and landing, and flying exercises will take place elsewhere.

This exercise is not based on any current or real-world events.

RAF will make sure to try and be silent during the designated quiet hours whenever possible - Monday to Thursday at 11pm to 6am the next morning as well as weekends from 6pm Friday evening until 6am Monday morning.

However there may be some occasions where it might be required for them to operate outside of the published hours.

RAF Fairford hope the activities are not too intrusive to local residents, and ask they are not alarmed by the military operations during this time.