WITH England kicking-off their World Cup campaign this weekend, Gloucestershire Police have launched a week long campaign focusing on prevention of domestic abuse. The first week of the Stay Safe campaign will coincide with the football as levels of abuse statistically rise by over a quarter when England take part in a major international tournament, with figures affected by whether England win or lose.

Faye Kamara, Domestic Abuse and Violence Strategic Co-ordinator said: “On average the victim of domestic abuse has been abused 35 times before they contact the police, which is a shocking statistic.

“Our intention this week is to highlight and educate the public on this issue which is especially pertinent as we get closer to a major international tournament where England are participating. My colleagues and I will be on hand to offer support, advice and information for anyone who maybe a victim themselves or may know someone who they think could be at risk of domestic abuse.”

Stay Safe will also cover drink driving, assault and anti-social behaviour, in the month long campaign between Monday, June 9 and Monday, July 14.