THIEVES have stolen a charity box from a day nursery in Cam which was raising funds for one of the children who suffers from cerebral palsy.

The burglars also took £439 and a laptop from Upper Knapp Farm Nursery as well as a string of other unsual items, including two trays of eggs, 14 teaspoons, a block of cheese and leg of lamb.

The theft is believed to have happened at the nursery on Manor Avenue in the early hours of Tuesday, June 10, with Gloucestershire Police keen to speak to anybody that has any information.

The alarm was raised when the milkman arrived at the building to make his delivery at about 4am and he noticed the door was open, according to nursery owner Leanne McCreight.

She told the Gazette she was cross and confused by the burglary.

“Why would they want to steal two trays of eggs and 14 spoons?” she said.

“It must have been someone who knows the layout very well because it is a bit of a maze here.”

She added the family of the girl whose charity box was stolen were “horrified” by the theft.