WITH summer here police are urging an all-out drive to get ‘sheducated’ and protect both high and low value items.

Scores of thefts from sheds take place each year spoiling people’s summer activities - but many thefts are avoidable with a little security awareness.

Harm reduction advisor for Gloucestershire Police, Kim Mowday, said: “I urge Gloucestershire residents to be on their guard.

"Bicycles, for example, left unlocked in insecure sheds are often thought to be secure by their owners due to the privacy of the location.

"Unfortunately this isn’t the case - thieves will jump over garden walls and snatch anything they see. Bikes even get thrown back across the wall and then taken away.

"Some are recovered over the next few days but many are not.

“Whilst we are doing all we can to catch thieves and reduce these crimes there are a lot of things you can do to keep your property secure and stop thieves striking.”

Police have issued some advice on how to get ‘sheducated’ and keep intruders out.

• Replace wood screws with easily obtainable 'coach bolts' or security screws.

• Fix security padlocks and hasps with close shackled padlocks meeting BS EN 12320;2001.

• Alternatively fit a shed bar.

• Replace glass in window with polycarbonate sheets.

• Put coloured film or curtains over windows.

• If thinking of buying a new shed, replace wood with plastic and look at Lockerpods Make it harder for intruders!

  • Don’t help thieves to help themselves by leaving out tools
  • Fit an alarm, either vibration – activated, ‘PIR’ (Passive Infa-red) or camera activated.

• Fit a ‘ground anchor’ into a stone or concrete base or wall.

• Fit a 'shed shackle' to lock you bikes to

• Join all valuable items together with a ‘Sold Secure’ gold standard’ chain with either a padlock or a ‘D Lock’.

• Use a forensic chemical marker to mark all valuable items.

• Register your bikes.

• Find the serial numbers of your bike and register free on BikeRegister.com.

• Photograph your cycle and any ID marks.

• Attend local cycle marking events to upgrade security markings Fit strong locks and think about ‘bike boxes’! • Ensure you have the strongest locks you can afford. Mortise locks are preferable to padlocks.

• If you don’t have a concrete floor, fill a large bucket and fix a D-lock or chain into it (but ensure it weighs at least 25 kilos).

• Consider a commercially available 'bike box' in which complete bkies can be stored securely and kept dry too.

'Sheducate' and enjoy your summer.