STAFF from Gloucestershire’s first safety education centre will be cooking their breakfast with hair straighteners to show youngsters just how hot they can get.

As part of this year’s Child Accident Prevention Week, pupils from Kingsholm Primary School will visit the newest safety centre in the country to learn about the dangers of burns and scalding caused by hair straighteners.

This year the awareness week, from Monday, June 23 to Sunday, June 29, led by the Child Accident Prevention Trust, will focus on the theme of ‘morning mayhem’.

Stewart Edgar, chief fire officer said: “We know that for many the morning can be a busy time – especially for those who have young children.

By teaching young people the dangers of hair straighteners along with other house hold items we’re helping to keep them safe from serious injury.

“Hair straighteners stay hot for longer than you think. Your child can be burned if they touch them – even if they’ve been unplugged for up to 15 minutes. By storing hair straighteners safely on a high shelf or inside a heatproof bag keeps them out of children’s reach.”

Child Accident Prevention Trust reports that hair straightener burns have doubled in recent years and now contribute to one in ten burns to children.

In addition, six toddlers are admitted to hospital every day as a result of being badly burned.

Councillor Will Windsor Clive, Cabinet member for fire, planning and infrastructure said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn the simple skills to help protect themselves from an easily preventable emergency.

“The Skillzone centre provides a great service to children meaning they can make the right choices now and later on in life.” If you or your school would like to find out more about Skillzone visit

For a limited period, primary schools in Gloucestershire can bring their Year 5 pupils for free.