A TEAM from Gloucestershire's County Council Trading Standards has seized illegal tobacco and counterfeit cigarettes from a shop in Gloucester City Centre.

On Thursday 26th June, 2 trading standing officers seized 41 pouches of hand rolling tobacco and 274 packs of cigarettes from a shop in Gloucester City Centre.

Illegal products were seized lunchtime when the shop and staffed. he shopkeeper and employee(s) will now be formally interviewed by trading standards officers.

The seized tobacco was kept in concealed storage inside the shop; it was immediately removed from the premises and will be destroyed.

Selling illegal tobacco can be punished by imprisonment of up to 10 years and is an offence under the Trade Marks Act 1994.

Cllr Will Windsor-Clive, cabinet member for trading standards, said: “Counterfeit tobacco products can put people’s health at greater risk and this type of activity will not be tolerated in Gloucestershire. This illegal industry can damage reputable businesses in the county, so I am pleased to see another successful investigation has been completed.”

Eddie Coventry, head of Gloucestershire County Council’s trading standards, said: “We encourage consumers to continue to report shops selling illegal tobacco because their valuable information can significantly help our investigations.

“We will remain vigilant and continue to take action to stop this criminal activity, which takes trade away from legitimate businesses in the county.”