JUST one year since it first launched the Stroud Sunday Market has been forced to close.

The market, which was the brainchild of Stroud businessman Terry Trimmer, promised to bring a touch of French style to Stroud with its combination of a flea market with free entertainment.

Crowds have been drawn to the monthly market over the last year, however due to an increasingly busy schedule Mr Trimmer has decided to close the market which was held for the last time on Sunday, June 1 – its first birthday.

The popular market, which was set up in Cornhill and Union Street, hosted stalls selling vintage clothing, handmade products and food from around the world.

There was also a flea market in Threadneedle Street as well as an arts quarter in Swan Lane which hosted performances including street theatre and music.

Speaking to the SNJ about the closure Mr Trimmer said: "It's a real shame as it is such a popular market but the challenge I had with it was getting a balance between the number of customers and stalls.

"Over the past year this market has taken up so much of my time to promote that market that I have run out of time with other things going on in my life.

"When this first began I told myself I would give it a year. That year is now up but unfortunately since losing my partner in the year the running has become too much for one man by himself.

"We have a nice core following and I don't want to let anyone down but in the end it is not fair to the customers, the stallholders or myself to carry on trying to do the market and only achieving 80 or 90 per cent of what we want."

Mr Trimmer is also appealing for anyone who wishes to carry on the market is welcome to take up the challenge.