A SOLAR farm is hosting an open day for residents to find out about investment opportunities in solar energy.

Willersey Solar Farm, near Evesham is the first project of a new community energy company, Big60Million Ltd, which hopes to roll solar energy out across the UK while saving local residents money on their energy bills with a solar bond the company says will benefit the Cotswolds community by £1.4million over the next five years.

Toddington Harper, Big60Million CEO, said: "The campaign is designed to help share the benefits of solar energy with the residents of this country by giving communities an opportunity to invest in local, renewable energy production."

The solar farm's open day will be on Friday, July 4, when the community will be given the opportunity to experience the solar farm for themselves, ask questions and find out more about the proposed solar bond.

"We are excited to be out of the starting gate and delivering the numerous beneifts of this project to the local community," added Mr Harper.

Further information is available at www.Big60Million.co.uk.