A FIRST World War enthusiast and Archway School pupils have collaborated to create a booklet commemorating the centenary of the war.

Stuart Butler – a personalised learning tutor at Archway School – has been working with a group of year-nines on the design of a course that commemorates the centenary of the First World War through both English Literature and English Language.

Part of this course centred on the design of a guide – dubbed War Memorials of Stroud and the Five Valleys.

Stuart started a pilgrimage at the end of winter, cycling, walking and bussing his way around the memorials and churches of Stroud and the neighbouring villages while at the same time keeping a prose-poem account of his journey.

On completion, year-13 pupil Kieran Aylott collated the information Stuart had gathered into a booklet providing a unique commemorative guide – historically, educationally, pictorially and poetically.

Stuart is delighted with the finished product and said: “Kieran’s design has thrilled me to bits.

“He has fused text and image beautifully.

“I am so grateful for his work.

“I am also so grateful to the people who have helped me on my pilgrimage – opening churches, pointing my way to lesser known commemorations and providing me with hospitality and stories. ”

Stuart has been asked to speak from the pulpit at St John the Baptist Church, Edge, later this year about his project at a remembrance service.

The booklet is due to go on sale for £2.50 and can be bought from Archway School.