THE SNJ has spoken to a resident who lives near the Nu-Pro factory who complained of a sore throat and other oral health problems this morning.

The mother, aged 45, asked not to be named.

She said: “We live in London Road, around a five minute walk from the factory.

"We went out to investigate last night but police told us all to return to our homes and shut our doors and windows.

“It was very worrying. We shut our windows and doors but we don’t have double glazing and there was a risk the house was already filling up.

“We didn’t know what gases and chemicals were in the fumes and it was impossible to judge whether to stay or go.

“Police were outside but we couldn’t open the door to go and speak to them. It was quite scary.

“I phoned the local police station but they were unable to help. No one really seemed to know what was happening.

“Between 9.30pm and 10pm the wind was blowing the black fumes right across the house.

“I had packed our stuff up and was ready to go to my mother’s in Acre Street, Stroud for the night.

“But if we were to go outside the fumes would be more dangerous. I thought I might have been over-reacting so we stayed. The logistics of moving were too much hassle.

“I went out this morning and found that London Road had been blocked off at the junction with Bowbridge Lane.

"I talked with a group of neighbours who said the chemical in the smoke could have been cadmium.

“We would have liked more information. The whole time was very worrying - but I would have appreciated a police website where I could have seen what was happening.

"I would have liked some advice.

“I am still worried now about having breathed in toxic fumes which may have been carcinogenic.

“We have had stinging throats and tongues as well as a taste in our mouths.

"I have heard these fumes can cause respiratory problems and I’m worried.”

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