IT'S not very deep.

It's not one of those questions that make you stop and ponder, or will open up great debates.
It is, however, probably the most asked question in the western world.
It is asked by very young children, (and very old ones too!) and it's asked repeatedly – to the point of distraction.
The Question?
“Are we nearly there yet?”

Wherever you're going, if you have children you have been asked that question.
Not long ago my adult children were in the car together, and they took great pleasure in asking that same question – over and over!
It seems that Jesus' disciples also asked him the same question in Matt 24:3 “What signs will we see before you come again?”
Christianity is not a religion.
Many churches unfortunately follow a form and look back at history and miss the reality – but it is a relationship with a living Saviour.
And as with all relationships, a backward glance is taken over by the joy of looking forward to where we are heading.
What an honour is mine to look back at the Cross and see how much my Saviour loved me.
But greater is my joy to live today and know I am in Him, and He is in me!
But what excitement to look into the future with certainty and know He is coming again!
Every true believer has this hope within: “In my flesh I shall see God!”.
So, if you know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, Look up!
Today He is closer than ever.
To all who believe they can live their life and just hope it will “all pan out in the end” I say Look out!
This same Jesus we have heard about – if only briefly – will come again.
For those who have no hope, and believe this life is it; I feel most sorry for you.
“One day He's coming, O Glorious day!”