STROUD MP Neil Carmichael was given a glimpse into the future as he visited Uplands Primary School on Friday.

Neil Carmichael MP was shown around various stalls at the exhibition, which the pupils have been working on since Easter.

Kestrels Class (Years 3 and 4) showed him around the Stroud’s history, including the Mills, canals and cloth industry, while Eagles Class (Years 5 and 6) showed him Stroud in the future, with models of how Capel’s Mill could look in hundreds of years’ time.

Uplands Primary School was graded as ‘Outstanding’ in its Ofsted inspection, which took place earlier this year. Neil Carmichael, who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group for School Governance and Leadership, also spoke with head teacher Mr Richard Lucas and Chair of Governors Mrs Mary Inder.

Neil Carmichael MP commented: “I have been very impressed by the standard of the pupils’ work at Upland Primary School’s exhibition today, in particular seeing how Stroud has been so successful in the past, and what it could be in the future.

“The leadership of Mr Lucas and his team is clearly what drives the school to be ‘Outstanding’, which shows in the passion of the pupils for their subjects. I wish them every success for the future.”