Stroud Distrct Council leader Geoff Wheeler keeps you up to date with what is happening at the council

Monday, July 7 – strategic economic plan
I mentioned last week how Gloucestershire’s strategic economic plan was given the green light by the Government. Speaking of green, I have previously referred to the Gloucestershire Renewable Energy, Engineering and Nuclear Skills Centre at Berkeley, however it’s worth noting that future infrastructure improvements in the district have also been included under the heading of this project. They include improvements to the A419 between Stroud and Stonehouse and improvements to the A38, including bridge repairs at Berkeley. These projects have been on the cards for a while and amount to several million pounds worth of investment. Find out more at
Tuesday, July 8 – Thursday July 10 – LGA conference, Bournemouth
The annual Local Government Association conference was a good opportunity to share knowledge with other district councils. This year’s was The First 100 Days of the Next Government. Effectively it’s a to-do list of commitments for whoever wins the next general election in 2015, however it isn’t based on asking for more money.
Building half a million more homes so that people can find a place they can afford, offering every child a place at a good school close to home, halving the number of unemployed young people and reducing long-term unemployment by a third are on the wish-list. On the health and wellbeing front, supporting people to live independently, reducing total hospital admissions and eliminating unnecessary hospital stays are priorities, as is a new approach to helping the three and a half million overweight or obese children in the country.
Ensuring that more people live healthier lives and tackle the harm caused by smoking and excessive drinking are also on the list. The proposals put forward would save £11 billion of public spending and not surprisingly they recognise the role of local government when it comes to delivering. You can find out more about it at
Thursday, July 17 – council meeting, Ebley Mill, 7pm
Following the proposals put to the housing committee meeting a few weeks ago, the council will now vote on how sheltered housing services are delivered in the future. With reductions in funding and an increasingly older population profile, this is a good opportunity to ensure that this service is focussed on meeting future demands. You can Watch this meeting online at the website